is about teaching language as it is used naturally in everyday contexts. The language tool s based on the the idea that language learners would learn commonly used phrases more easily than lists of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Following the lexical approach (Lewis 1990) learners acquire a language best when they are provided with opportunities to understand and produce 'ready made communication kits'. Such fixed phrases help learners not only to express themselves and provide at the same time useful insights into the cultural beliefs and values of a society. However, commonly used phrases can be difficult to learn due to idiomaticity. Therefore, AdageGamer makes use of YouTube as a naturally occuring language resource. With the help of carefully selected film seuqences AdageGamer teaches commonly used phrases and illumanites their hidden meanings. The language platform was designed and implemented in close collaboration with the Media Education lab at Bundeswehr University Munich and the Department for English Linguistcs at the University of Klagenfurt.